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This book is a workbook on prayer that may be used by an individual, a small group or in a seminar environment. If organized as a structured class, it may be divided into an eight week course. There are accompanying iTunes prayer podcasts and study website for class environment. The participant will learn the scriptural principles laid out in the Bible and examine and see examples that were used by the people of God and Jesus himself. The reader will discover that Prayer is the most intimate form of worship.

Bless Your church members or group while helping build a well in a needy village.
If you buy at a reduced group rate you can buy 10, 20,  100 or even thousands that way your contribution to building wells has a quicker impact and at the same time , help your members get grounded in prayer. For group rates contact
Many testimonies have come in about people being blessed by reading just a few pages of this book.
A retired bank vice president who lost all his mortgage company that he had started employing 35 people, was very depressed not knowing what to do. Alone in his living room, he saw the book on his coffee table, read a few pages and said “the Spirit hit me and I started to dance, and crying that  ‘with what I just read, I can’t be defeated’”
A young lady who grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness and is dyslexic said. “Your book has made it so plain that it’s easier for me to understand the Bible and pray on my own especially after being mislead for so long.” 
A barber said he had it in his salon and people were reading it so much because “it’s such easy reading, and someone took it, so I want another one”.
A pharmacist was reading through it and burst out... “ yeah... this makes it so plain I can take this to the bank...”mailto:sam@africhrist.comshapeimage_2_link_0
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and save a
child’s life while blessing a whole village with the gift of clean water