Christ Centered Resource Stewardship

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Mission Statement

We are a prayer based organisation that believes in maximum returns on every resource Christians are endowed with in every area of work and ministry. Whether by individual effort or church. Our church missions work targets Africa. We know and understand Africa. We help churches avoid the cultural pitfalls that hinder the work of the gospel with many well intentioned but unlearned mission attemts that end up in frustration for both parties.

At the same time, we assist the ministries on the field in Africa with the most efficient way to connect with those who have genuine interest in seeing the work of reaching and saving souls move forward quickly.

Our method is to encourage the use of the abundantly available resources, talents and gifts through:

1.Establishing long term ministry relationships

2. Two way knowledge and ministry exchange

3. Business & working relationships and Christ centered financial stewardship



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Praying With Impact

Love Projects

Bikes for pastors

Love Projects are projects are acts of love, compassion and assistance that we participate in to help other people or ministries that are advancing the spread of the love of God.

For 3 hours below Pastor Brooks of Evangel Ministry joined with Africhrist and Paul Edwards show host. 150 Bikes were raised for Ugandan village pastors distributed by Africa Harvest Mission in Uganda.

We direct most of  our efforts to helping and assisting the people who nobody seems to notice they exist and ministries many would consider non entities. Such are the ones who carry the cross of life.

Praying With Impact book hint:

To benefit the most

After downloading the interactive book from iTunes, download the pdf format as the physical supplement

The links on this page will feature stories or items that highlight the power of God behind different scripures. Acts of faith and results of prayers that impact lives

Planned state of the art Comprehensive Medical Center

Bike-a-thon on 1500 AM Detroit

The Interactive didgital prayer book chokeful of powerful Biblical principles.

Great for the busy person and the young generation of Millenials and Gen-Xers

Download it today from iTunes.