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Mission Statement

We are a prayer based organisation that believes in maximum returns on every resource Christians are endowed with in every area of work and ministry. Whether by individual effort or church. Our church missions work targets Africa. We know and understand Africa. We help churches avoid the cultural pitfalls that hinder the work of the gospel with many well intentioned but unlearned mission attemts that end up in frustration for both parties.

At the same time, we assist the ministries on the field in Africa with the most efficient way to connect with those who have genuine interest in seeing the work of reaching and saving souls move forward quickly.

Our method is to encourage the use of the abundantly available resources, talents and gifts through:

1.Establishing long term ministry relationships

2. Two way knowledge and ministry exchange

3. Business & working relationships and Christ centered financial stewardship



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A computer is a complex tool that makes our tasks easier, quicker and much more productive.

Computers are like a vehicle that takes us from point A to point B moving ideas from conception to fruition a lot quicker. Like the workings of a motor vehicle, most people do not need to know the detailed mechanics of computing such as writing code.

Computers are delicate tools and the software applications that run them are precise and predictable when mastered.

Software applications are not always easy to use and require good masterly for them to be useful and productive.

We advocate training and the use of appropriate apps. We have worked with local schools after school programs and Apple computer to achieve this.

We were honored to set up a private Apple Macintosh booth at Northland Mall during Detroit's  300 hundredth birthday celebration. Apple  honored us by sending two representatives from California


Sam Kawesa of B. I. G and Joann Mintle of Apple demo classroom use of iBooks

David Kawesa and other youngsters take quick lessons from Apple 's Avery Tabron and Joann Mintle


B. I. G Apple booth at Northland Mall  during the Detroit 300  year celebration


The  Apple classroom network setup promoted at our setup  

Our Apple booth at Northland Mall during Detroit's 300 year anniversary

Our Genesis

... dedicated to making the computing experience a productive undertaking

Govenor JohnEngler (R-Michigan) commends Sam Kawesa and Craig Myree (Right) for afterschool volunteer work with youth Mumford  & Dexter High Schools in Detroit

Community Involvement.Initiaterd an After School Tech program

Voluteered and trained the youth in lower income areas in computer repair and website design at Detroit High Schools such as Mumford High

Explaining our Tech volunteer work with Mumford High students to the Governor of Michigan John Engler

We were featured in an international Tech magazine article for our volunteer work with Detroit youth. Click on icon below to read the article